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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 25, Number 1, Page 36 (1986)
IBM 3090 System and the System/370 Vector ...
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Engineering and scientific processing on the IBM 3090

by D. H. Gibson, D. W. Rain, H. F. Walsh
The IBM 3090 processor implementation of the System/370 Vector Architecture represents a major new system design for engineering and scientific processing, featuring both scalar and vector capability in a uniprocessor and in a dyadic and four-way parallel processing environment. The history of large-scale scientific processing is reviewed, leading to a statement of current requirements. The design objectives for scalar, parallel, and vector capabilities are identified, followed by a summary of the resulting 3090 features. Selected highlights of the vector hardware are given, followed by a summary of the supporting software. The paper concludes with a discussion of performance, beginning with the identification of suitable applications. An example is given of one application utilizing each of the three capabilities: scalar, parallel, and vector. Several of the most important performance parameters are identified.
Related Subjects: General Applications; Performance; System Design