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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 30, Number 4, Page 513 (1991)
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The foundations of suitability of APL2 for music

by Stanley Jordan, Erik S. Friis
APL is commonly used in scientific and quantitative applications, such as engineering and finance, but there has been little acceptance so far in artistic and symbolic applications, such as music. This paper demonstrates the suitability of APL2, a dialect of APL, as a powerful tool for the building of music-oriented software. The interactive interpreter, flexible built-in primitive functions and operators, and the independence from the details of the hardware are attractive features for music programmers. With APL2, a user can interactively create and transform complex informational structures. Thus, it is not only a formidable language for implementing music software, but also a valuable notation for representing the music itself.
Related Subjects: General Applications; Languages