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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 29, Number 3, Page 263 (1985)
Semiconductor Device Modeling
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FEDSS—A 2D semiconductor fabrication process simulator

by L. Borucki, H. H. Hansen, K. Varahramyan
The main features of the finite element semiconductor process simulator FEDSS are described, with emphasis on a recently added capability for generalized 2D oxidation with impurity redistribution in oxide and silicon. Examples are given that demonstrate the ability of the program to oxidize various structures using a model based on steady-state oxidant diffusion and incompressible viscous oxide flow. Impurity profiles and contours are also shown in both neutral and oxidizing ambients, along with several comparisons with data or with the program SUPREM II.
Related Subjects: LSI design automation; Manufacturing; Models and modeling; Semiconductor technology