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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 25, Number 4, Page 295 (1981)
Finite Element Analysis
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Propagation of 1-μm Bubbles in Contiguous Disk Devices

by K. Ju, H. L. Hu, R. G. Hirko, E. B. Moore, D. Y. Saiki, R. O. Schwenker
Propagation margins of contiguous disk devices fabricated on both single- and double-layer garnet films have been measured. These performance measurements for 1-μm diameter magnetic bubble propagation were made on devices with cell sizes of 18 and 30 μm2. The dependence of bias margin on ion-implantation conditions, material parameters, propagation pattern geometries, and temperature is discussed. Deuterium implantation is introduced, together with a new propagation pattern. Implantation with deuterium induces an anisotropy field change similar to that with hydrogen but with 50% smaller dosage. The new propagation pattern, with sawtooth-shaped tracks, reduces the interaction between charged walls of adjacent propagation tracks, thus resulting in improved performance at low bias fields.
Related Subjects: Magnetic bubble technology; Storage (computer) devices and systems