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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 22, Number 3, Page 285 (1978)
Surface Science
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Characterization of Electron Traps in Aluminum-Implanted SiO2

by D. R. Young, D. J. DiMaria, W. R. Hunter, C. M. Serrano
Johnson, Johnson, and Lampert have studied the effect of Al implantation on the trapping behavior of SiO2. The large fluence that they used (1×1014 Al/cm2) and the low annealing temperatures (up to 600°C) resulted in a trapping efficiency of 1 and made it impossible to characterize the traps. In the present study a lower fluence and higher annealing temperatures to reduce the trapping efficiency are used to permit characterization of the traps. The predominant trap cross sections are 1.26×10-16 and 1.40×10-17cm2. In a companion paper by DiMaria, Young, Hunter, and Serrano the location of the trapped charge is discussed.
Related Subjects: Electron trap characterization; Materials; Semiconductor technology