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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 26, Number 1, Page 22 (1982)
IBM 3081 System Development Technology
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Processor Controller for the IBM 3081

by J. Reilly, A. Sutton, R. Nasser, R. Griscom
The IBM 3081 represents an important step in the evolution of large-scale data processing systems. The incorporation of LSI technology in its design has resulted in a departure from the use of traditional support tools and techniques. Its increased processing capabilities and its dyadic organization have further accented the requirements for high availability and ease of operation. This paper describes the Processor Controller unit of the 3081 Processor Complex, which handles the functions of maintenance, monitoring, and control of the system. It discusses how this unit has dealt with these changes to keep pace with the demands of advanced technology and improved system availability. In providing the necessary test and support functions of reset and manual control, the Processor Controller exploits the level-sensitive scan design capability of the 3081 to obtain read/write access to all latches and arrays. This design approach, coupled with significantly expanded capabilities for error recovery, configuration control, and diagnostics, has significantly affected the structure and capabilities of the Processor Controller.
Related Subjects: Computer organization and design