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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 29, Number 3, Page 229 (1985)
Semiconductor Device Modeling
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Two-dimensional process modeling: A description of the SAFEPRO program

by R. R. O'Brien, C. M. Hsieh, J. S. Moore, R. F. Lever, P. C. Murley, K. W. Brannon, G. R. Srinivasan, R. W. Knepper
This paper describes the development, testing, and application of a finite element program which simulates the processes used in manufacturing transistors. The profiles calculated by the program can be input directly into a device analysis program. The paper includes a description of the physical phenomena modeled and explains the choice of the particular numerical methods used to solve the resulting equations. It shows an example of the application of the program to the design and sensitivity study of a submicrometer shallow-junction bipolar transistor and presents results obtained when an oxide is grown on boron-doped silicon.
Related Subjects: LSI design automation; Manufacturing; Models and modeling; Semiconductor technology