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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 26, Number 4, Page 424 (1982)
Microprocessor Systems Development
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Rectangular Transforms for Digital Convolution on the Research Signal Processor

by J. W. Cooley
The Rectangular Transform (RT) method for computing convolutions belongs to a family of Reduced Computational Complexity (RCC) algorithms. Convolution calculations by the RT method were programmed for the Research Signal Processor (RSP) and run on the RSP simulator, giving tabulations of numbers of RSP machine cycles. One of the original objectives was to see how well the original RSP architecture was suited to the RCC algorithms and to be able to make suggestions for possible changes. The results are also intended to demonstrate the efficiency of the RT convolution algorithms on a microprocessor with a limited instruction set and to show how to construct efficient RT programs for digital convolution. All results are given for the original RSP, as it was before the modification which resulted in the Real-time Signal Processor described in another paper in this issue.
Related Subjects: Complexity; Computational methods; Mathematics (applied); Signal processing