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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 25, Number 4, Page 246 (1981)
Finite Element Analysis
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Semiconductor Analysis Using Finite Elements—Part II: IGFET and BJT Case Studies

by G. D. Hachtel, M. H. Mack, R. R. O'Brien
Semiconductor-like Applications of Finite Elements (SAFE), a novel, nonlinear, general-purpose two-dimensional finite-element code, is applied to problems in device modeling. Case studies of contemporary insulated gate field effect transistor (IGFET) and bipolar junction transistor (BJT) structures are given which demonstrate the reliability, versatility, and efficiency of finite-element methods in general and of the SAFE program in particular. The user-defined SAFE physical model is compared with experiments on a doubly implanted short-channel IGFET. Computer experiments are performed, indicating how to select the type, distribution, and numerical-integration method of finite elements for maximally efficient, assured-convergence, engineering-accuracy analysis, either steady state or transient.
Related Subjects: Field-effect transistors; Films, Diazo