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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 22, Number 2, Page 185 (1978)
Nontopical Issue
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Effect of Replacement Algorithms on a Paged Buffer Database System

by E. B. Fernández, T. Lang, C. Wood
In a database system a buffer may be used to hold recently referenced pages. If this buffer is in virtual memory, the database paging system and the memory paging system affect its performance. The study of the effect of main memory replacement algorithms on the number of main memory page faults is the basic objective of this paper. We assume that the buffer replacement algorithm is least recently used (LRU), and page fault rates for LRU, random (R), and generalized least recently used (GLRU) main memory replacement algorithms are calculated and compared. A set of experiments validates these fault rate expressions and establishes some conditions for the practical application of the results.
Related Subjects: Algorithms; Data, structures and accessing; Databases; Models and modeling; Paging; Storage hierarchies