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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 26, Number 4, Page 464 (1982)
Microprocessor Systems Development
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Bipolar Chip Design for a VLSI Microprocessor

by K. F. Mathews, L. P. Lee
In this paper, a pseudo-custom approach to bipolar VLSI chip design is presented, and a hierarchical structure of logic macros assembled from building blocks is described. A strategy of placing the logic macros along with algorithmically designed PLA structures and ROS with a placement aid, and of wiring the placement with an automatic wiring program, is discussed. The paper also focuses on the implementation of this strategy in terms of technology, chip structure, and chip design methodology. In addition, chip statistics are presented and their implications are discussed.
Related Subjects: Design automation; Integrated circuit design; LSI design automation; Microprocessor systems and applications; VLSI