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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 32, Number 1, Page 37 (1988)
Basic Concepts in Quantum and Stochastic T...
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Origin of life and physics: Diversified microstructure—Inducement to form Information-Carrying and Knowledge-Accumulating systems

by H. Kuhn
The process leading to the origin and evolution of life is caused by the presence of distinct physical and chemical conditions at a distinct location in the universe. A specified system originates and evolves under the continuous influence of a complex operational environment. The system develops toward increasing independence of the original environment by becoming increasingly complex. Modeling a detailed scenario consisting of a sequence of reasonable physico-chemical steps is essential in rationalizing the phenomenon. The basic process, accumulation of knowledge by continuously testing environmental properties, is intimately related to the measuring process in physics. Evolution is a physical process, and this process leads to man developing physics. Thus physics appears to be self-consistent—the basis and consequence of evolution. The physics-producing system is considered to be a measuring and information-processing device based upon the mechanism which operates in the origin and evolution of life.
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