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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 21, Number 1, Page 56 (1977)
Ink-jet Printing
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Study of Fluid Flow through Scaled-up Ink Jet Nozzles

by M. Levanoni
A 100-fold scaled-up model of ink jet nozzle flow is described. A theoretical justification for scaling the relevant parameters, starting from the equations of motion, is presented. The scaling procedure and the effects of unscaled parameters are discussed as well as the scaled-up "ink." Following a description of the experimental apparatus, the results of a series of experiments are then presented. These consist of directionality, directional stability and flow efficiency measurements in four nozzle configurations: conical, cylindrical, square, and "hybrid" nozzles.
Related Subjects: Fluids and fluid dynamics; Measurement; Models and modeling; Printing, ink jet