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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 30, Number 4, Page 370 (1986)
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy I
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Squeezable tunneling junctions

by P. K. Hansma
Squeezable tunneling junctions establish the current state of the art for resistance stability of mechanically adjustable tunneling structures at ΔR/R ≈ 0.1%. This is sufficient for use in connection with spectroscopies as subtle as phonon spectroscopy, but it is marginal and cannot at present be maintained to high enough bias voltage to permit molecular vibrational spectroscopy. Squeezable junctions have been used for characterizing bulk samples and for differential capacitance-voltage analyses of semiconductors.
Related Subjects: Films, thin; Junctions; Mechanical design; Scanning tunneling microscopy; Superconductivity; Surface science