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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 30, Number 2, Page 193 (1986)
Vector Processing
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Monte Carlo photon transport on a vector supercomputer

by W. R. Martin, P. F. Nowak, J. A. Rathkopf
The use of "event-based" algorithms for particle transport Monte Carlo methods has allowed the successful adaptation of these methods to vector supercomputers. An alternative algorithm for the specific application of photon transport in an axisymmetric inertially confined fusion plasma has been developed and implemented on a vector supercomputer. The new algorithm is described; its unique features are discussed and compared with existing vectorized algorithms for Monte Carlo. Numerical results are presented illustrating its efficiency on a vector supercomputer, relative to an optimized scalar Monte Carlo algorithm that was developed for this purpose.
Related Subjects: Large-scale computing; Monte Carlo methods; Physics; Simulation; Vector processing