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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 22, Number 5, Page 472 (1978)
IBM Scientific Centers
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Hydrodynamic Numeric Modeling of the Lagoon of Venice

by P. Sguazzero, C. Chignoli, R. Rabagliati, G. Volpi
This paper describes two hydrodynamic numeric models and their application to the Lagoon of Venice, Italy. The models are based on the same mesh, bottom topography, boundary conditions, and spatial distribution of the bottom friction coefficient (Chézy coefficient). Although quite different in structure, both models ultimately provide sea level fluctuation and current speed at each meshpoint as functions of time. The first model numerically integrates the time-dependent, nonlinear, hyperbolic shallow water equations, written in conservation form, with a space-staggered leapfrog-type (time dense) scheme. The model is suited to episode simulation and is a particularly useful tool for system management and control. The second model is suited to long-term simulations and models only the astronomic tide; it solves a hybrid (differential-algebraic) system resulting from semilinearization of the shallow water equations under harmonic assumptions for the tide. Because of the superior computational efficiency of this second model, it has been used in conjunction with Powell's algorithm to identify the a priori unknown spatial distribution of the Chézy parameter. If the same Chézy distribution is fed into the two models, there can be obtained a complete, self-calibrating, consistent modeling tool for tidal basins with arbitrary geometric configurations and boundary conditions in the presence of hydraulic works.
Related Subjects: Computer applications; Geology; Models and modeling