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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 27, Number 2, Page 171 (1983)
Constrained Channel Coding
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Axisymmetric Motion of Radially Polarized Piezoelectric Cylinders Used in Ink Jet Printing

by N. Bugdayci, D. B. Bogy, F. E. Talke
An analysis of the low frequency response of piezoelectric squeeze tubes used in drop-on-demand ink jet printing is carried out. The displacements at inner and outer boundaries are determined as a function of voltage and fluid pressure. The results are used to obtain fluid pressure per applied voltage as a function of inner and outer radius. Numerical computations are carried out for PZT-5H, and results are presented in graphical form which can be used to optimize design dimensions. The effect of finite electrode thickness is also studied.
Related Subjects: Mathematics (applied); Mechanics and mechanisms; Printing technology; Printing, ink jet