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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 27, Number 3, Page 206 (1983)
Systems Architecture
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System/370 Extended Architecture: The Channel Subsystem

by R. L. Cormier, R. J. Dugan, R. R. Guyette
The 370-XA channel subsystem architecture represents a significant extension of the corresponding System/370 architecture. This paper examines the need for these extensions, discusses the important features and facilities of the new architecture, and provides comparisons with its predecessor, the System/370 channel architecture. It also describes, from an operational viewpoint, how these new concepts affect I/O processing and how they relate to the current trend toward using multiple CPUs, increasing CPU execution speed, and increasing the number of I/O attachments.
Related Subjects: Channel subsystem architecture; Computer architecture; I/O devices, systems, and technology; IBM System/370 Extended Architecture (370-XA)