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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 29, Number 2, Page 194 (1985)
Microprocessors and Digital Signal Processing
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Regenerative simulation methods for local area computer networks

by P. J. Haas, G. S. Shedler
Local area computer network simulations are inherently non-Markovian in that the underlying stochastic process cannot be modeled as a Markov chain with countable state space. We restrict attention to local network simulations whose underlying stochastic process can be represented as a generalized semi-Markov process (GSMP). Using "new better than used" distributional assumptions and sample path properties of the GSMP, we provide a "geometric trials" criterion for recurrence in this setting. We also provide conditions which ensure that a GSMP is a regenerative process and that the expected time between regeneration points is finite. Steady-state estimation procedures for ring and bus network simulations follow from these results.
Related Subjects: Local area networks (LANs); Models and modeling; Simulation