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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 26, Number 3, Page 318 (1982)
Computer Packaging
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Development of Interconnection Technology for Large-Scale Integrated Circuits

by R. Babuka, G. J. Saxenmeyer,Jr., L. K. Schultz
The size, cost, reliability, and serviceability of modern large data processing systems are influenced by the electrical interconnections required among the hundreds or thousands of chips they contain. The development of the complex interconnection design scheme is profoundly influenced by the interactions among the component and subassembly designs: modules, printed-circuit boards, cables, connectors, etc. The design scheme is also strongly affected by the constraints imposed by manufacturing process limitations and by environmental factors, such as cooling and corrosion. This paper deals with these interactions and constraints as encountered in the interconnection design of the IBM 3081 system and the design discipline required to deal with them.
Related Subjects: Interconnection technology; Mechanics and mechanisms; Packaging