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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 32, Number 2, Page 170 (1988)
Natural Language and Computing
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A flexible graph-unification formalism and its application to natural-language processing

by G. Bouma, E. König, H. Uszkoreit
A graph-unification-based representation language is described that was developed as the grammar formalism for the LILOG research project at IBM Germany. The Stuttgart Unification Formalism (STUF) differs from its predecessors in its higher flexibility and its algebraic structure. It is well suited for the implementation of rather different linguistic approaches, but is currently employed mainly in the development of Categorial Unification Grammars with a lexicalized compositional semantics. Examples from the syntactic and semantic processing of natural language are used to illustrate the virtues of the formalism and of our lexicalist approach to linguistic analysis.
Related Subjects: Graph theory; Linguistics; Natural language processing