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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 31, Number 1, Page 16 (1987)
Office Automation Technologies
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Binary-image-manipulation algorithms in the Image View Facility

by K. L. Anderson, F. C. Mintzer, G. Goertzel, J. L. Mitchell, K. S. Pennington, W. B. Pennebaker
Most current implementations of electronic mail deal primarily with coded information. A scanned-document-handling system that could scan a document, distribute it, display it on terminals, and print it on host-attached printers would offer a similar convenience for documents in hard-copy rather than coded form. For such a system to be practical, fast software is needed for a number of image-manipulation functions. The required functions are compression, to reduce the size of the data files; decompression, to reconstruct the scanned document; scaling, to match the resolution of the scan to the resolution of the display or printer; and rotation, to reorient documents scanned sideways or upside down. This paper describes a collection of algorithms underlying fast software for manipulating binary images that is used in the Image View Facility, a System/370-based software package that permits the display and printing of binary images at various resolutions.
Related Subjects: Algorithms; Graphics; Image processing