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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 27, Number 1, Page 11 (1983)
Manufacturing Technology - Packaging
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Multi-Layer Ceramics Manufacturing

by W. G. Burger, C. W. Weigel
Multi-layer ceramics (MLC) is an advanced packaging technology developed by IBM and used in the IBM 4300 and IBM 3081 processor models to significantly improve the module circuit density, reliability, and performance over those of previous packages. A key element in this package is the MLC substrate, which is capable of supporting more than 100 semiconductor chips in some design uses. The MLC manufacturing facility requires that sophisticated processing and inspection/test equipment operate within a hierarchically integrated system. This paper provides an overview of the manufacturing process that has been implemented to satisfy the high-volume manufacturing needs of this complex package. It also describes the data handling systems.
Related Subjects: Fabrication; Manufacturing; Packaging