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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 27, Number 1, Page 27 (1983)
Manufacturing Technology - Packaging
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Multi-Chip Module Test and Diagnostic Methodology

by J. J. Curtin, J. A. Waicukauski
The development of a manufacturing test and diagnostic methodology for multi-chip modules as used in the IBM 4300 processor models involves determining the most attractive compromise among a number of conflicting factors: a) high test coverage, b) high diagnostic resolution, c) test generation, d) test equipment, and e) test application and diagnosis. This paper describes a set of solutions which were developed to create a high-volume, low-cost manufacturing test operation for the product in question. This paper examines the role of the testing methodology in productivity and product quality, details the diagnostic approach chosen, and provides an example of the overall manufacturing system performance achieved by analyzing a large module production sample.
Related Subjects: Manufacturing; Packaging