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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 30, Number 1, Page 102 (1986)
Knowledge Systems
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An experimental computer architecture supporting expert systems and logic programming

by H. Diel, N. Lenz, H. M. Welsch
This paper describes a set of function primitives which have been designed for support of expert systems and logic programs. The functions could be offered as part of the computer architecture by implementing them in microcode and partially in hardware. The functions are primarily (but not exclusively) oriented towards support of logic programming languages such as Prolog for implementing expert systems. Particular emphasis is given to supporting the parallel execution of expert system applications by multiple processors. The concepts described are based on the Concurrent Data Access Architecture (CDAA). It is shown that OR-parallelism, as well as AND-parallelism, can be supported.
Related Subjects: Artificial intelligence; Computer architecture; Expert systems; Knowledge systems