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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 29, Number 4, Page 330 (1985)
Computers in Manufacturing
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Analysis of manufacturing systems by the Research Queueing Package

by W.-M. Chow, E. A. MacNair, C. H. Sauer
Many aspects of manufacturing systems can be analyzed using simulation to model the system's behavior. The Research Queueing Package (RESQ) is a tool developed to construct and solve models of systems with jobs contending for service from many resources. The capabilities of RESQ are described in order to understand the model elements which are available for representing manufacturing systems. Then an analysis of several work-in-process (WIP) policies is presented using RESQ models solved by simulation. Four WIP management policies are analyzed and compared for a future assembly manufacturing line: (1) a push system, (2) a pull system, (3) a transfer line, and (4) a closed loop system.
Related Subjects: Manufacturing; Queuing theory and applications