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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 22, Number 6, Page 613 (1978)
AC Gas Panel Displays
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Electrical and Optical Characteristics of Evaporable-Glass-Dielectric AC Gas Display Panels

by J. F. O'Hanlon, K. C. Park, A. Reisman, R. Havreluk, J. G. Cahill
This paper presents the characteristics of a prototype gas display panel fabricated with electron-beam deposited dielectric films. It is shown that panels with a 6-μm-thick dielectric layer and a 0.2-μm-thick MgO layer exhibit short stabilization times (15 min), long life (20,000 h), small drift effects (<0.5 V), and adequate brightness (21 cd/m2). The devices have a large dynamic write margin (>10 V) over a wide pressure range. Dielectric glass layers as thin as 3.2 μm were found to be stable. A panel with a small H2O impurity concentration was used to show that the hydrated MgO surface caused charge leakage and loss of memory margin, while a panel with an air leak confirmed that the surface saturated before the effects of gas contamination were observed.
Related Subjects: Fabrication; Gas panels; Measurement