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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 29, Number 3, Page 302 (1985)
Semiconductor Device Modeling
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Animation and 3D color display of multiple-variable data: Application to semiconductor design

by E. J. Farrell, S. E. Laux, P. L. Corson, E. M. Buturla
The increasing complexity of digital simulations requires more effective techniques to display and interpret the voluminous outputs. Advanced digital processing workstations and high-resolution color monitors permit a wide range of new techniques for use in examining the global characteristics of each output variable and their interrelationships with other variables. In this investigation, animation, 3D display, and multiple-window imaging have been shown to be effective in interpreting multiple-variable data sets, both scalar and vector. These display methods are used in the solution of two specific semiconductor design problems: the avalanche breakdown of an n-MOSFET and an alpha particle hit on an npn transistor. With these techniques the user can more fully utilize the results of these long and costly computations, making these methods a powerful addition to existing techniques for imaging data.
Related Subjects: Display technology; Graphics; LSI design automation; Manufacturing; Models and modeling; Semiconductor technology