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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 28, Number 6, Page 662 (1984)
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Bending-cantilever method for the study of moisture swelling in polymers

by B. S. Berry, W. C. Pritchet
Self-induced bending of a bilayer strip is shown to be a simple but sensitive method for the study of water absorption and swelling in polymers. Expressions for both the time-dependent and equilibrium curvature of the strip have been derived, enabling both diffusional and dilatational parameters to be extracted from experimental data. To illustrate the technique, it is shown that a vacuum-dried epoxy swells linearly with water content, at a rate of 0.93% in volume per weight percent of water. Desorption into vacuum has been observed under diffusion-controlled conditions and the diffusion coefficient for water in the epoxy found to be 2.5×10-9 cm2/s at 295K.
Related Subjects: Films; Materials; Measurement