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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 26, Number 2, Page 217 (1982)
Laser Applications
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A New Class of Materials for Holography in the Infrared

by C. Brauchle, U. P. Wild, D. M. Burland, G. C. Bjorklund, D. C. Alvarez
A new class of holographic materials is described. These materials undergo four-level two-photon photochemistry. The holograms recorded in these materials are self-developing and are not erased during reading. Furthermore, the recording process may be gated off and on by using an auxiliary incoherent light source. As a specific example of such a system, holograms formed using samples of an α-diketone dissolved in poly(cyanoacrylate) are described. Gated holograms have been recorded in this material at 752 and 1064 nm.
Related Subjects: Holography; Infrared studies; Lasers; Materials