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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 22, Number 4, Page 372 (1978)
Solar Energy Conversion
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Solar Absorbing Surfaces of Anodized Dendritic Tungsten

by G. D. Pettit, J. J. Cuomo, T. H. DiStefano, J. M. Woodall
Anodization of textured tungsten is shown to have merit either in creating a solar absorber of extremely high absorptance when applied to a large dendritic surface, or in enhancing the solar absorptance-to-emittance ratio when applied to smaller hillock topographies. The angular dependence of the absorption is reduced by the anodization coating, which consists of a thin conformal coating of WO3. The surface is stable up to temperatures of 520 K in air.
Related Subjects: Films; Materials; Physics, solid state; Solar energy