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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 26, Number 6, Page 681 (1982)
Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
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Word Autocorrelation Redundancy Match (WARM) Technology

by N. F. Brickman, W. S. Rosenbaum
Word Autocorrelation Redundancy Match (WARM) is an intelligent facsimile technology which compresses the image of textual documents at nominally 145:1 by use of complex symbol matching on both the word and character level. At the word level, the complex symbol match rate is enhanced by the redundancy of the word image. This creates a unique image compression capability that allows a document to be scanned for the 150 most common words, which make up roughly 50% of the text by usage, and upon their match the words are replaced for storage/transmission by a word identification number. The remaining text is scanned to achieve compaction at the character level and compared to both a previously stored library and a dynamically built library of complex symbol (character) shapes. Applying the complex symbol matching approach at both the word and character levels results in greater efficiency than is achievable by state of the art CCITT methods.
Related Subjects: Algorithms; Communications and communication networks; Image processing