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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 20, Number 2, Page 157 (1976)
Nontopical Issue
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Objects and Values: The Basis of a Storage Model for Procedural Languages

by D. B. Lomet
A model for storage in procedural languages is presented. Its fundamental notion is to strictly distinguish values from storage objects. Several difficulties in current languages are resolved in this model, e. g., the problem of flexible locations and the meaning of the term type. In the light of the storage object/value dichotomy, several notions are found to be covered by the term type. The implications of the model are explored with respect to the more conventional data constructs of procedural languages as well as to sets and how they might be provided. Finally, data extension mechanisms are considered. Whereas the treatment here is not complete, the template concept introduced in the model does suggest a useful framework for providing the much talked of but seldom realized benefits of data extensibility.
Related Subjects: Data, structures and accessing; Programming, programs, and programming languages