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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 26, Number 1, Page 67 (1982)
IBM 3081 System Development Technology
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Model for Transient and Permanent Error-Detection and Fault-Isolation Coverage

by D. C. Bossen, M. Y. Hsiao
As computer technologies advance to achieve higher performance and density, intermittent failures become more dominant than solid failures, with the result that the effectiveness of any diagnostic procedure which relies on reproducing failures is greatly reduced. This problem is solved at the system level by a new strategy of dynamic error detection and fault isolation based on error checking and analysis of captured information. The model developed in this paper allows the system designer to project the dynamic error-detection and fault-isolation coverages of the system as a function of the failure rates of components and the types and placement of error checkers, which has resulted in significant improvements to both detection and isolation in the IBM 3081 Processor Unit. The model has also resulted in new probabilistic isolation strategies based on the likelihood of failures. Our experiences with this model on several IBM products, including the 3081, show good correlation between the model and practical experiments.
Related Subjects: Analytical models; Error detection and correction; Integrated circuit design; Packaging